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I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this growing family starting with Alex’s (Eleanor’s older brother) six-month session. It’s been such a pleasure working with this awesome family and watching their babies grow and change right through the lens of my camera. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my job…especially when I also had the pleasure of photographing a family’s wedding as well.  It’s such a fantastic relationship I am able to build with my clients.  You may remember Eleanor’s newborn session last Fall.  She is such a beautiful baby and I am in-love with her beautiful blue eyes, as I am sure you will as well.

KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-01PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-02PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-03PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-04PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-05PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-06PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-07PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-08PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-09PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-10PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-11PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-12PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-13PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_6Month_Eleanor-14PIN ITIMAGE

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We had such a beautiful sunny day for Carly and Matt’s wedding. What a great way to start the season.  They chose to be married at the church they attend and volunteer many hours of their time throughout the year.  This was my first time at Bethel Church as well as at their reception venue Signature Banquets.  Below you will find a few highlights from their big day.

PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-02PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-03PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-04PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-05PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-06PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-07PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-08PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-09PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-10PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-11PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-12PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-13PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-14PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-15PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-16PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-17PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-18PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-19PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-20PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-21PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Wedding_CarlyMatt-22PIN ITIMAGE

Ceremony : Bethel Church

Reception : Signature Banquets

Hair : Mindy Coates

Makeup : Bella G’s Makeup Artistry

Florist : Carla Hittle Moolenaar

DJ : Water 2 Wine Entertainment

Photographer : Katherine Murray Photography


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Below is the growing Hayes family.  Sisi contacted me a few days ago and we had a lovely chat on the phone. She told me that this is their last child (of 6 I believe).  For one reason or another they had not had them taken with previous children and really wanted this time in their life documented before it was over.  I had such a fun time with these two and 11-month-old Zoe (aka. ZOZO) at the studio.  They were totally into it and made my job even that more fun.  When a client is as excited as I am it really makes my day.

KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-01PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-02PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-03PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-04PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-05PIN ITIMAGE PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-07PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-08PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-09PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-10PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Maternity_Hayes-11PIN ITIMAGE

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Easter weekend was a busy one for me.  Below is Paige, a Senior at Valparaiso High School and graduating in just a few months.  She is headed to Indiana University this Fall with a pretty impressive plan ahead of her. I’ll let her share the details of those accomplishments with you.  While we had beautiful sunshine, the wind had other plans for her beautiful red hair.  With all the challenges we faced at Rogers-Lakewood Park (people just out exploring nature on one of the warmest weekends to date in 2015, the many fisherman and even a woman riding a horse on the sidewalk) she was a champ and we took some awesome images.

KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-01PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-02PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-03PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-04PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-05PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-06PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-07PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-08PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-09PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-10PIN ITIMAGE KatherineMurrayPhotography_Senior_Paige-11PIN ITIMAGE5

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